My thoughts on love

My thoughts on love

Find someone who's worthy of your love. You will know they are worthy because you will have no desire to prove you are good enough.

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You will feel at peace, calm, you will feel so good enough that this won't even be a thought in your mind.

You will just exist and you will be content in their presence. 

If someone is somehow bringing a real or imagined pressure on you to prove you are good enough, they are not the right person for you.

When you are with the right person, you are yourself fully, with no doubts, no hesitation, no need for reassurance or acceptance, although you already have them without asking.

They are there for you always with love and acceptance. Not even with words, they don't need to say "I love you". Even in the smallest, silliest moments. When you thought acceptance was not required or was irrelevant, they will just give it to you. And it will fill your heart with warmth. 

You will know they are worthy of your love because you will feel fuller just thinking of them. 

You will smile just thinking about them, when you hear a song you danced to together or see a tree that reminds you of the tree outside their house. 

You will smile, not with the ache of not being near them but with a calm energy, peacefully knowing that you are OK right now even though they are not next to you. 

You will smile with hope and excitement for the next time you hold them and stroke their hair. You will know they are worthy because the thought of seeing them smile in front of you will make your lungs expand, it will make your heart expand. 

And if they are having that same experience, where they feel love and acceptance without a need to prove anything, to prove they are good enough, if they just exist content and peaceful in your presence, then you are also worthy of their love. 

And that's so beautiful and rare. Don't let it go. Don't scare it away. Breathe and let it breathe. 

Let that love exist and grow as both of you keep growing and existing as yourselves. 

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