I see the darkness taking the place of day
and stars shining all over the sky
So I realise that autumn is coming
and day to day summer is behind.
I see the sun unable to warm
and I recall the sun that harmed
so many people within an hour.
I know before I see it
that the clouds which chase each other
are going to hide the sun- their big brother.
I know it's a fairytale
that sun goes to bed at night
or that it's chasing or searching for its tail.
I know the moon is not a huge firefly
it's just a planet stealing sun's light.
I have learnt that for the rise and falling of sea waters
the moon is the suspect.
I know a lot, but I still cannot understand
why do people prefer pollution instead of nature
why do people prefer hotels and cars instead of trees
why do people prefer enemies instead of friends.
Isn't anyone supposed to give an answer
to my only doubt?
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